All of our jewelry products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty


We stand behind the quality of our jewelry with a Lifetime Warranty — our guarantee that upon receiving the product, every jewelry item is free of material and manufacturing defects. This warranty is valid for the duration of the original purchaser’s lifetime, beginning on the date of purchase from an authorized Bikers-Lifestyle.com retailer and subject to applicable laws. However, the warranty will immediately become void if the product is purchased from an unauthorized retailer. 


We work with our manufacturers to create handcrafted, ethically sourced pieces that are made to stand the test of time. We’re confident in the quality of our product. Please note this means that the warranty does not cover any lost items, scratches that come with normal wear and tear, improper use or storage of your product, and any modification to your product done by a third party.


Note that you will be expected to pay 50% of the original cost of the item for replacements in the following cases: failure or damage caused by improper use or carelessness (knocks, dents, crushing, etc.), failure or damage caused by unjustifiable repair or modification, aesthetic changes that occur from normal wear and tear, aging (minor scratches, etc.) and alteration of the colour such as subtle colour changes to the plating, failure or damage caused by fire, water or natural disaster and damage by a jeweller.